BE I led? …

“For whoever BE led by the Spirit of God, these BE the sons of God”. ROMANS 8:14 WYCLIFFE

BE I a son of God … is it “to be or not to be”? Or is it just that I am so I am led by the Spirit, or is it that I am led by the Spirit so I am a son of God? … like that ancient adage … was it the chicken first or was it the egg? Giggling in my insides now cause … God is really funny. He really has a sense of humor … and if I just hang with Him … I get drunk! LOOK … it’s 6:30 AM and I am already giddy inside as He works with me to write this.

It’s just that first thought on waking this morning … it’s Friday morning prayer … the thought … OK, check with Susie … are we phone praying together like we’ve been doing … prayer is always stronger when there are 2 or more … very next thought … well, after that nagging thought that I need to be walkin’ around during prayer as nodding off has challenged me if I stay too connected to the phone in a prone position … then, the very next thought tumbling in on top of that … get up and go to Susie’s … it’s soooooooo good when we actually pray together in the same spot. Whoa!!! Logistics! Fly out of bed; text Susie … is it OK? Talking to God, testing whether that was really His instruction as I jump into the shower? Am I really hearing from Him? Blog … have to write the blog before I leave in a little over an hour … dry my still challenging new hair look … blow dryer and I have an awkward relationship … contrary to what the stylist said … finger blow drying is not more simple than brush drying! LOL! Well … here I am …. still haven’t heard back from Susie … but I’m flying out the door. Bus, then train over the hill, bus again and trust she will be there to pick me up … and all this by 8 AM! So as you read this rant … I either BE led or? I have such confidence in My God … I will know each step of the way. He is so good to me! Love Him!

I say with my mouth, “I BE a Son of God and I Be led by the Spirit! I DO hear His voice cause He is my Shepherd! and as I move forward He will let me KNOW by His peace, by His joy, by His presence in me cause He loves me and I love Him. I trust Him!


About floodsofmercy

Mother, Grandmother, Business Owner, Someone seeking the most loving, honest, candid, relationship with my God, my family, my friends, and all within my sphere of influence.
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