no more sad …

Inspired this morning to re-listen to a message that helped revitalize me during a very dark time has again been such good news. A failed business, loss of both my vehicles, my home, and not much of a future on the horizon – these were the circumstances when I heard Keith Moore preach this message, “No more sad”.

I’m giving you only a few highlights, but below is a link and instructions on getting a copy of the message. All their materials, downloaded or mailed (CD,DVD,USB), are completely free including postage, so go for it.

Right off the get-go, he states that “being a depressed Christian is a contradiction of terminology”. Calling ourselves Christians is saying we are “Christ -ians” which means “anointed ones”. Jesus was anointed with the oil of joy SO we are also!

We have access to all Jesus is and has … “as He is so are we in this world“. 1 JOHN 4:17.  We are commanded to “rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS”; to give thanks ALWAYS. PHILIPPIANS 4:4 and 1 THESSALONIANS 5:16,18.

Always is always. There is no other ways!

Faith is our victory, and all we born again ones have it. In some Christians its just more developed than others. Faith never rises above our confession, so that’s probably why the word … “always”. The more we talk it, the more our faith increases. Glory!

But these following gems of instructional wisdom Keith gave have set my life on a course of no return. These are the standard by which I judge all my thoughts and words because they line up completely with the Word of God.

  • NEVER! talk or think about what I/you don’t know.
  • NEVER! talk or think about what I/you don’t have.
  • NEVER! talk or think about what I/you can’t do.

NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Every time you do you give the devil access to come in and steal, kill and destroy. And he’s waiting to do just that thing 24 hours a day, when we’re by ourselves or with others. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! talk or think these things.

I’m saying, “Thank You for your precious ministers who so faithfully preach the Good News! Thank you for making things so available for our use. I WILL to never talk or think what I don’t know, can’t have, and can’t do. I WILL to talk and think ONLY on who I am in Christ; how much You love me; how much of a winner I am because of You; what You’ve prepared for me; what I can do through the Christ in me who strengthens me; that there is ALWAYS a way in You because You are THE WAY! that in Your LIGHT I see LIGHT; I will ALWAYS know what to do because You are good and Your mercies endure forever. I come boldly and confidently to the Throne of Grace to receive all the help and mercy to walk this out. I take it. I have it. I thank You, and I forgive according to Mark 11:22-25. Glory! All in Jesus name!”

Go to FREE DOWNLOADS and click on FLCB RECENT MESSAGES in the drop-down box. Scroll down on the right to JULY 9, 2010, NO MORE SAD. To download to your computer, right-click and go to SAVE LINK AS.

You can also call and order a hard copy of the message such as a CD, etc. Materials and shipping are free. They do not charge for anything. Go for it!


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Mother, Grandmother, Business Owner, Someone seeking the most loving, honest, candid, relationship with my God, my family, my friends, and all within my sphere of influence.
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